• District Anti-Bullying Initiatives
    District Bullying Intitives

    Horry County Schools sets expectations for safe climates for all District schools and adopts the policies and procedures for student awareness, employee training, reporting and investigation, and resolve. The District’s Anti-Bullying Initiative includes the following components:

    • Provide professional development on defining bullying, preventative measures, disciplinary procedures and consequences when bullying is determined
    • Provide a framework for appropriate consequences when bullying has been determined
    • Monitor schools’ anti-bullying plans
    • Encourage schools to participate in anti-bullying activities
    • Direct and anonymous reporting options available to students and parents to include the HCS School Crime Tip Line and the HCS Mobile App, currently being redeveloped
    • Prompt and responsive monitoring and follow-through on all bullying reports.
    • Offer support through behavioral health specialists, mental health professionals, school guidance counselors, and mentors for students who are subject to bullying, or who participate in bullying others.