• Schools’ Anti-Bullying Plans
    HCS No bullying schools

    All Horry County schools implement effective anti-bullying plans, which include the following components:

    • Highly-visible, committed administrative leadership
    • Clearly-defined behavioral expectations that support a safe school climate, in addition to prohibited behaviors that constitute direct and indirect bullying
    • Specific, published school rules with consistent sanctions for bullying
    • Training, resources and operational guidelines for employees
    • Direct and anonymous reporting options available to students and parents which will receive a prompt response by the school administration
    • Enhanced supervision and security, with increased focus during times when large numbers of students are transitioning throughout the day and during publicly-attended events
    • Responsive support services, including counseling, for victims of bullying
    • Proactive behavioral training for bullies
    • Ongoing evaluation of bully intervention plans to ensure effectiveness and continued improvement