• Tri-M Music Honor Society

    Advisors: Steve Whisnant & Scarlet Whittington

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    "This National Association for Music Education program recognizes students for their academic and musical achievements, rewards them for their accomplishments and service activities, and inspires other students to excel at music and leadership." 


    Advisors state that students must demonstrate good character and citizenship, maintain a 3.5 GPA, and maintain a satisfactory performance history in band, chorus, or orchestra here at Loris High. To qualify, students must be enrolled 4 consecutive years in a music class, or if they started late, they must remain until their senior year. Students must not have excessive disciplinary referrals. 


    Email Advisors:

    Mrs. Whittington and Mr. Whisnant

  • 2017-18 Members:

     Brandon Bandel
    Carrie Brown
    Courtney Caines
    Camryn Cook
    Nysheim Dewitt
    Miranda Hyde
    Carla Laguerre
    Neil Mincey
    Briennah Reed
    Payton Todd
    Ryan Tomaro
    Jordyn Suggs
    Bailey Tyler
    Cayla Tyler