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    Mrs. Wood Explains Summer Reading Challenge(Video)

    Click here to view PDF file with RES Reading Log and Summer Reading Choice Board.

    Reading practice creates not only stronger readers but lifelong readers. Research indicates students who do not read over the course of the summer run the risk of losing ground in their reading achievement. We see a drop in MAP scores and Oral Reading Fluency (ORF) when students do not read over the summer. Students are encouraged to enjoy quality literature and to continue developing their independent reading skills. That is why we are challenging every student to spend quality time reading during summer vacation! Students should choose “just right” books which are not too easy and not too hard. Students should spend time reading both informational texts (nonfiction) as well as literary texts (fiction). Students can read eBooks or printed materials. You can access free eBooks from Riverside through Clever on the HCS Homepage or through gofollett.com on the web. Use the links below for detailed instructions to access online resources.  Please contact Mrs. Wood if you have questions or need your child’s username and password: jwood@horrycountyschools.net 

    Accessing Destiny Discover Through Clever:


    Accessing Destiny Discover on the Web:


    The public library is an excellent place to get summer reading materials. During this unprecedented time, public libraries are trying to find ways to serve our community. Please call the Horry County Library Administration (843-915-5285) or visit the Horry County Memorial Library website (HCML.org) to find out about any summer reading opportunities they are offering, or options for checking out library materials. Riverside Elementary will honor the completion of the public library’s summer reading program, in addition to or in place of this log. In order to participate in the Summer Reading program, students should use the RES Reading Log to write down the title of the books and the number of minutes the student reads each day. Younger readers (K-2) can count books that are read with an adult. Students who are going into grades 4 and 5 also have the option to use Achieve 3000 articles.

    Students Entering Kindergarten-3rd Grade:

    *Complete the Reading Log and two projects from the attached Choice Board.

    Students Entering 4th & 5th Grade:

    *Complete the Reading Log and TWO projects from the Choice Board OR
    *Complete the Reading Log and 10 Achieve 3000 Summaries (Duplicate the attached sheet or use notebook paper.) OR
    *Complete 20 Achieve 3000 Summaries (Duplicate the attached sheet or use notebook paper.)

    6th Graders Rising to North Myrtle Beach Middle:

    NMB Middle Summer Reading Parent Letter

    NMB Middle Summer Reading Assignment for 6-8

    Parents and/or guardians should initial the reading log. Students who turn in their reading log, projects, and/or Achieve 3000 summaries, or show a certificate of completion from the public library, will be invited to an ice cream sundae party in September. All summer reading materials must be turned in by Friday, September 4th, 2020.

    Below are some suggestions for types or genres of books you might want to read this summer. Try to read at least one of each kind of book and cross it out when you complete it.

    Nonfiction or Informational

    Historical Fiction

    Folk Tale or Fairy Tale


    Science Fiction

    Realistic Fiction

    Poetry Biography

    Legend or Tall Tales

    Have a wonderful summer, and Happy Reading!

    Jeanette Wood, Riverside Elementary Librarian

    Contact Mrs. Wood at jwood@horrycountschools.net if you have any questions!


    Get Ready for Summer Reading