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  • Holiday Lunches at FMS

    Posted by Gretchen Almeida on 11/9/2018

    Holiday Lunches at FMS

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  • LLC News

    Posted by Gretchen Almeida on 11/9/2018

    LLC News

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  • Helping with the Hurricane

    Posted by Gretchen Almeida on 11/7/2018


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  • Gator Football

    Posted by Gretchen Almeida on 11/2/2018

    FMS Football 1

    FMS Football 2

    FMS Football 3

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  • Sophia Miller: Shining Through the Rest

    Posted by Gretchen Almeida on 10/30/2018

    Sophia Miller 1 sophia miller 2

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  • FMS Book Fair will Enchant You!

    Posted by Gretchen Almeida on 10/25/2018

    book fair

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  • Digging Deeper with Diamond Dell

    Posted by Gretchen Almeida on 10/15/2018

    Diamond Del photos and text

    diamond dell photo collage

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  • Gator Music Happenings

    Posted by Gretchen Almeida on 6/1/2018

    Charleston Southern Summer Music Scholarships

    Congratulations to the following students who auditioned and were selected for Charleston Southern University Music Scholarships: Alex Powell, Andie Horn, Sydney Gifford, Brady Carney, Bobby Cleveland, Isabelle Quade, Baird Stewart, and Leslie Mendoza. These students will attend select music camps at CSU this summer.


    All-State Chorus

    All-State Chorus

    Four of our FMS students—Daniel Jenkins, Lily Nickerson, Brady Carney, and Sydney Gifford (pictured above)—auditioned and were selected to participate in All-State Chorus for the 2018-2019 school year. Over 600 students auditioned throughout the state, and only 224 were selected. This is the highest number of students Forestbrook Middle has had in All-State, and we had more students qualify than any other school in Horry County.


    Socastee High School Select Vocal Groups

    Choral groups at Socastee High are performance-oriented, allowing students to work together to become better singers, dancers, and performers. Eighth graders who auditioned and were chosen for Socastee High’s Select Girls chorus are Hannah Hawaij, Destiny Tracy, Rose Huynh, and Jada Simmons. The following 8th grade Gators auditioned and were selected for Socastee High’s Bellas and Fellas group: Camren Knapper, Ariana De La Rosa-Roman, Chandon Thomson, Zoe Bombolis, Jordan Watterson, Brady Carney, Sydney Gifford, Hayley Grigg, Sydnie Horne, and Daniel Jenkins.

    We’re so excited to see where these musicians’ talents take them in the future! 


    Contributors: Lauryn Dixon, Maddie Keller, Sarah Jones, Olivia Vinson, and Mikah Williams

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  • BioBlitz 2018

    Posted by Gretchen Almeida on 5/1/2018

    bioblitz collage  

    Twenty-six students at FMS and two teachers participated in the annual event, BioBlitz, on April 13 and 14 at the Clemson Extension FFA Camp in Cherry Grove. Our group identified 544 species of wildlife. We worked with CCU’s Biology department for over 24 hours, including sampling on Waites Island. In addition, we had over 50 local sponsors, three news groups covering the event, and over 200 people participating in the public portion on Saturday where we even had kayaking! We also had a group of four students from CREECS (Cape Romain Environmental Education Charter School) in McClellanville participated with us in this BioBlitz. It was the best BioBlitz yet!

    Roshni N.

    Q: What was your favorite location at BioBlitz?

    A: “My favorite place was Waites Island.”

    -Roshni Nandwani

    Evan B

    Q: What was your favorite part of BioBlitz?

    A: “My favorite part was bonding with friends and discovering new species.”

     -Evan Barker


    Contributors: Cameron Blake and Connor McClure

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  • Superior Strings

    Posted by Gretchen Almeida on 4/2/2018

    The FMS Chamber Orchestra, under the direction of Ms. Byham, played at Concert Festival on March 22, and received a Superior rating of 112 out of 125 points. Concert Festival is an orchestra music adjudication where groups are scored by judges on dynamics, intonation, and rhythmic accuracy. We are so proud of these talented Gators!

     orchestra group pic

    (Left to right) Back row : Brian Johnston, Ryan Freudiger, Alan Rivera, Isaac Pereira, Savannah  Doughty, Cloud  Sitzler, Alex  Powell, Abby Davis, Nina Spivey

    Middle Row:  Sarah  Jastrzembski, Lorelai Wilson, Carley Quandt, Olivia Robert, Ashley West, Ariana De La Rosa Roman, Sierra Lahnen

    Front row :  Brandon Salas, Colby Dempsey, Andie Horn, Syndie Horn, Christian Linen,  Hope Dalbec


    Q : What is your advice for students who are participating in Concert Festival next year?

    A : “My advice would be not worry about the score you will receive.”                                                               

    -Isaac Pereira


    “When I found out that we got superior, I was really excited because even though we had some trouble at some points in the songs, we got through it, and everything went really well.”

    - Brian Johnston


     Contributors: Christian Linen and Sierra Lahnen

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