• Dress Code

    Parents/guardians are responsible for assuring that individual students dress in an appropriate manner at all times while on campus or when involved in school activities.

    The administration of each of the schools will determine the appropriateness of student dress. Guidelines shall be established and disseminated to students and parents. The administrative team of each of the schools will have the authority to decide if a student’s dress is inappropriate and to follow through with corrective action. The school administration’s ruling regarding inappropriate dress and corrective action is final pending review only by the Superintendent or her/his designee. Disputes involving student dress are not appealable to the Board.

    Personal appearance of students should promote health and safety, contribute to a climate conducive to teaching and learning, and project a positive image of the District to the community. Generally, student dress is considered appropriate as long as it does not, or foreseeably could not, interfere with the educational process, cause disruption, or damage school property. In addition to clothing, hats, and shoes, attire includes any jewelry, emblem, badge, symbol, sign, comment or other items worn or displayed by an individual.

    The principal shall specify the attire that students must wear in order to participate in a high school graduation ceremony as long as an eligible student's failure to participate does not preclude his/her receiving a diploma after the ceremony. In addition, attire worn in physical education classes may be regulated by the principal for health and safety reasons, but a student may have the prerogative on Students - Page 118 HORRY COUNTY SCHOOLS religious grounds of wearing more modest clothing.

    1. Attire must comply with requirements for health and safety.

    2. Attire must not be immodest, obscene, profane, lewd, vulgar, indecent, or offensive. Shorts, skirts and dresses should be of adequate length to assure modesty when the student is seated or engaged in school activities. Appropriate undergarments should be worn and should be covered by outer clothing. Uniforms for extra-curricular activities that are worn during classes other than physical education must be modified to conform to the Student Dress Code guidelines.

    3. Attire must not evidence membership or affiliation with a “gang” in any negative sense of the term.

    4. Attire must not display any information about, representations of, or advertisements for alcoholic beverage(s), tobacco, controlled drugs, or illegal drugs or paraphernalia associated with the foregoing.