• Key Information for AAST Beta Club

    I. Club Membership Requirements

    a. 20 Hours Community Service

    b. All Dues Paid

    i. $20 with initial application

    ii. $5 each following year

    iii. Includes any other debts accrued through the year (ex. Chocolate sales)

    c. Attends all but 1 meeting a semester

    II. Service Hours

    a. 10 hours per semester for a yearly total of 20 hours

    b. Hours can transfer from Fall to Spring, however there is a maximum of 5 hours that can carry over. The remaining 5 hours must be done in the Spring. Both semesters must have at least 5 hours.

    c. Information about your service hours must be put on the Beta Club Service Hours Form. If you have a signature on a service hours form from another club, a copy may be attached to show the signature. All of the other information must be on the Beta Club Form.

    d. Each semester must have service hours from at least 2 separate sources.

    e. Contact information must be provided for each person who verifies service hours

    f. Service Hours cannot be signed off for by parents or guardians

    III. Attendance

    a. Meetings are held on the first Thursday of every month unless indicated otherwise. You will know the dates at the beginning of the semester, so make sure to plan accordingly.

    b. Members are given one unexcused absence per semester. All other meetings must be attended.

    c. If you know that you will be absent because of a school event, you can fill out the Excused Absence Form provided on Google Classroom. This must be turned in PRIOR to the missed meeting. Forms will not be accepted after the missed meeting.

    d. A makeup meeting will be held on the Tuesday following each meeting for anyone absent from the Thursday meeting. It will be at 7:30 AM in either Ms. Weaver’s (Room 401) or Mrs. Martin’s (Room 402) room. The meeting will include all missed information and a possible service opportunity.

    e. If you filled out an Excused Absence Form, you must attend the makeup meeting in order for the Excused Absence to count.

    f. If you are a student with Early Dismissal or Late Arrival and cannot make a meeting, please see Ms. Weaver to make arrangements.

    IV. Probation

    a. If you fail to meet the yearly requirements, you will be placed on probation. You will have one quarter in order to make up the missing requirements. If you fail to do so you will be removed from the Beta Club.

    b. If you are removed from the club at any point, you will not receive an honor cord.

    V. Any serious disciplinary issues or infractions can result in removal from the Beta Club.