• Socastee Playground Rules

    Play with SAFETY in mind at all times. Students are always to walk in the playground equipment area. Do not jump off of the equipment.

    Students are not permitted to put their hands on one another. As a result, games such as tag are not allowed to be played. Activities such as Red Light Green Light, Mother May I, and Running Bases (all non-contact) are encouraged.

    No toys from home or trading cards will be allowed during recess.

    Swings: *Students sit on their bottom on swings.

    *Use the pumping method to swing, no pushing someone on a swing.

    *Swing one person at a time; no double swinging. * Students will not be allowed to jump over the swing seats, twist swings, stand on swings or jump out of swings. *Be aware when walking near the swings. Never go in front of someone swinging!

    *Full seat swings are reserved for the students that need them.


    Slides: *Students may only go down the slides seated on their bottom and facing forward (feet first). *Students may not climb up the slides.

    *One person on a slide at a time.


    Miscellaneous Rules/Procedures: *If a ball goes over the fence and onto the sidewalk or outside the fence, the student must tell a teacher. *Students may not jump off any equipment.

    *Jump ropes are used for jumping; not tug of war or hitting others.

    *Balls are for throwing, kicking, and rolling; keep them off of equipment.

    *Benches and picnic tables are used for sitting and resting, not standing and jumping off. *Socastee students are respectful and include other students in team play.

    *Socastee students are responsible and respectful; they take care of all equipment and use it appropriately.