• You must be 19 years old to test in South Carolina. In South Carolina, you can be 16*, 17 or 18 and take the GED® test if you have a South Carolina Verification of School Withdrawal form completed by the principal or attendance supervisor of the last school you attended. Students enrolling in the GED program must present a withdrawal form from the last school attended (if enrolled in K-12 during the previous school year).

    If the last attended school was NOT in South Carolina, an official letter from the last attended school must be requested. The official letter should be on the school's letterhead and must include the student's full name, date of birth and last date of attendance.

    Prospective 16 year olds may ONLY officially GED test if under the jurisdiction of the Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) or a court order letter must be sent into the state GED office in Columbia. 

    In addition to the Verification of Withdrawal form, the Underage Form and Authorization of Release Form must be signed by both the prospective student and their legal guardian.

    Once the underage documents are processed, prospective 16 & 17 year old students and their legal guardian must schedule a meeting with the Director of HCS Adult Education for approval into the program.

    *** The underage age forms are a process of approval into the Adult Education program, NOT as official registration/ enrollment. Registration will be required AFTER the prospective student is approved.***