Spirit Rock

  • Spirit Rock

    Lakewood Spirit Rock

    The Spirit Rock at LKE is an awesome opportunity to celebrate your child and support our school!


    Reserve the rock for one day and paint it with your personalized celebratory message for the whole school to see!


    • Wish your favorite student a Happy Birthday!
    • Send a THANK YOU to your favorite teachers!
    • Wish everyone Good Luck on an upcoming test.
    • Share a positive, motivational message.

    You can reserve the Spirit Rock for $20.00 a day on My Payments Plus

    All proceeds collected for the Spirit Rock will fund programs for our Lakewood students.

    Spirit Rock Regulations:

    1. Sign up for the day(s) you want the Spirit Rock to be viewed. You may begin decorating the Spirit Rock at 4:00 p.m. the day BEFORE your assigned day. Your message will be displayed until 4:00 p.m. the next day.

    2. You may sign up for more than one day per year, however, you may not reserve the Spirit Rock for more than 2 consecutive days. 

    3. All payments and reservations are non-refundable for any reason (changed your mind, inclement weather, etc.). However, if you decide you do not want your date, you can offer it to a friend or sell it to another family.

    4. You are responsible for providing all materials for decorating the Spirit Rock. You are expected to ensure the area around the Spirit Rock remains clean, and free of trash and debris. All Spirit Rock decorations must meet the same handbook standard we would expect of any school sponsored sign, attire, events, etc. You should ensure that paint is not left on the road, curb, or grass. Also, please be kind to our environment and recycle your empty cans!