• High School Diploma

    A high school diploma can be earned through the HCS Adult Education Program. If an adult has previously earned some high school units, he or she will need to complete any courses that are required for a diploma. The twenty-four (24) Carnegie Units listed below are required for graduation in South Carolina.

    Algebra, computer literacy, proficiency in keyboarding, and a comprehensive health curriculum are also required.

    Many credits have a mandatory end-of-course exam for completion.  They include:
    English 1, Math Tech 2/Algebra 1, US History, Biology, Physical Science

    If you enroll with Horry County Adult Education, you must have a transcript to verify your credits earned and what you have remaining to accomplish. You may sign for the release of your transcript when you register for classes.



    (See the underage documents under our Admissions tab)

    Students who qualify for and have approval from the Adult Education Director may enroll for online credits through the South Carolina Virtual School.

    Please call for more information:  

    (843) 488-6200 or visit the VirtualSC page with the SC Department of Education

    To request a copy of your high school diploma, call (803) 734-8040 or go online to order and pay online, or download a request form.

    Requirements for earning a high school diploma in adult education:

    English - 4 units

    Mathematics - 4 units

    Natural Science - 3 units

    US History & Constitution - 1 unit

    Economics & US Government - 1 unit

    Other Social Studies - 1 unit

    Computer Science, to include keyboarding - 1 unit

    Electives - 7 units

    Either a foreign language OR vocational course - 1 unit

    Total Credits = 24 units