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    The HCS Innovator of the Month award is an award given to teachers for the innovative use of educational technology in classrooms. Recipients are recognized each month at the Elementary, Middle and High school level and are pioneers of new learning strategies and educational technology in their classrooms. They embrace Personalized Learning as an instructional model that allows them to better differentiate learning for their students. These educators embody a growth mindset and believe their students can accomplish great things with technology in their classrooms.

    Individuals recognized as Tech Innovator of the Month consistently include the personalized learning core five in their classroom:

    • Digital Content & Tools  • Targeted Instruction  • Creative Opportunities  • Collaborative Opportunities • Student Ownership •

    We are proud to recognize these educators who personalize learning through innovative teaching! Congratulations!

  • 2019-20 School Year Winners

  • October Winners

    Our October winners are teachers that are innovating with digital content and tools by utilizing adaptive content, customizable content, or emerging tech to personalize instruction in creative ways.

  • Daisy Elementary

    Penny Green

    Black Water Middle

    Ami Lackey


    Green Sea Floyds High

    Chloe Jones