• Protect Water - Rain Barrels

    Rain Barrels

    History- Collecting rainwater for use during dry months in rain barrels or other depositories is an ancient and traditional practice. With the rising price of municipal water and drought restrictions now facing much of the United States during the summer months, more and more people in our society are turning to the harvesting of rainwater to save money and protect this precious natural resource. It is a common belief in many parts of the world that water is an infinite resource to exploit as needed, but as the saying goes, “you don’t know the value of water until the well is running dry.” Whereas rainwater is considered a renewable natural resource, many aquifers are being “mined,” that is, communities are drawing out more water than the aquifer naturally receives to recharge it. As drought and aquifer mining begin to call attention to an increasing water crisis, people are seeking ways to minimize the impact on their municipal water supplies. Rain barrels can be part of the solution. http://www.rainbarrelguide.com/


    Time Line

    During Our Earthday Celebration in 2012, we created 4 rain barrels from barrels used for syrup for soda manufacturing.  One was raffled off during the event and the other three have been installed on the campus of Oceanbay Middle School.  The barrels are used to water plants in our greenhouse and plants on campus.  

    September through June- Repairs and ongoing maintenance

    October through June- Water is used for gardening and school beautification.


    Educational Components

    The educational components begin with the lessons during our ecology unit on the conservation of our natural resources and practical ways we can implement these methods in our school and homes.  Rain barrels will be exhibited and used throughout our unit.  We will also use and teach our science club students the benefits of rain barrels.

    Action Components

    All science students and science club members’ responsibilities include being an active member of our conservation projects.  Students are assigned duties throughout the year.  These include watering and caring for our plants on campus, planting seeds for plant sale for Earthday, and maintaining our rain barrels