• Restore Habitat - Community Garden


     In the spring of 2010, the idea for the Community Garden happened during a discussion with other teachers who wished they had a place to plant vegetables.  Garden Club wrote a grant through Lowe’s and was awarded $2300.00 in the fall of 2010 to use as a basis for Mel Bartholomew’s All New Square Foot Gardening.  Horry County School District has already placed the irrigation lines in the designated area.  By mid-February 2011 the square plots will be in place.  We will utilize the school’s compost as well as peat moss and soil in each plot.  Seeds will be started in the spring of 2011 under the guidance of the Science Club.  When the plants are ready for planting, the members of the Garden Club along with the Science Club members will plant the seedlings, care for them, and distribute fresh vegetables to the community.  August –The grant was written in the spring of 2009. Met with Garden club sponsors and organized a schedule for students for the year.  Meet with Mentor. 



    September- Signed up garden club students.  We walked the campus and prioritized projects for the year. Scheduled students to help Science club with composting by collecting pencil shavings from every classroom- this is done daily throughout the year.

    October – Contacted district to arrange for a sprinkler system to be installed for the 4 by 4 gardens.  Garden club sponsors mapped out a location for 4 by 4 gardens. Present school-wide PowerPoint’s with videos on what everyone can do to make a difference and our school conservation culture.  Meet with Mentor.

    November- Did fundraiser for the garden club for school beautification and garden needs.

    December – Arranged for the purchasing of materials for the 4 by 4 gardens and contracted builder for construction of platforms.

    January – Determined what to plant and employing science club’s assistance for starting plants. Project posted on the website.

    February – Building of platforms and distributing the completed composted soil for planting.

    March- Garden club will plant the garden and maintaining integrity.

    April- Garden club will do an Earth day presentation, distribute food, and display project to the community. Meet with Mentor.

    May- Preparing garden for summer. 

    Education Components

    We will use Mel Bartholomew’s All New Square Foot Gardening as the format for lessons of building, planting, and tending a garden that will be all organic and never need fertilization from a box. This information is also presented in our school-wide Academic Advisory lessons each subsequent year.


    Action Components
    Garden club will be planning, building, and maintaining 4 by 4 garden. After the first year of building the sustainable garden, the club maintains the integrity of the garden and plans for fall and spring vegetables and flowers.