• Breakfast and Lunch October 19-23, 2020

    Posted by Lee Anne Lewis on 10/16/2020


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  • October 12-16th Menu

    Posted by Lee Anne Lewis on 10/12/2020


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  • Menu for October 5th-9th

    Posted by Lee Anne Lewis on 10/2/2020


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  • Week of September 28th Menu

    Posted by Lee Anne Lewis on 9/25/2020


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  • Munch Menu for Sept 14-18th

    Posted by Lee Anne Lewis on 9/14/2020


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  • Lunch Menu 9/8 to 9/14

    Posted by Lee Anne Lewis on 9/3/2020


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  • Lunch Menu 3/16-3/20, 2020

    Posted by Lee Anne Lewis on 3/13/2020

    Monday –3/16 Teriyaki Chicken, Corn Dog, Broccoli, Corn, Pineapple, Orange Wedges, Milk, Ketchup.

     Tuesday – 3/17 Turkey Chef salad, Hot Dogs, Chili, Baked Beans, French Fries, Apple Sauce, Orange Juice, Milk, Ranch, Honey Mustard, Mustard, Ketchup.

     Wednesday – 3/18 Breakfast For Lunch! Cheese Omelet, French Toast Sticks, Grits, Potato Rounds, Sausage, Carrot Sticks, Pineapple, Orange Juice, Milk, Ketchup, Pancake Syrup.

     Thursday – 3/19– Popcorn Chicken, BBQ Pork Sandwich, Zucchini/Squash, Green Beans, Blueberries, Orange wedges, Milk, Ketchup.

     Friday – 3/20 Wild Mikes Pizza w/Beef Topping, Fish Sticks, Broccoli, Corn, Apple Juice, Pineapple, Milk, Tartar Sauce.

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  • Lunch Menu 3/9-3/13, 2020

    Posted by Lee Anne Lewis on 3/5/2020

    Monday –3/9 Spaghetti/Meat Sauce/ Bread Sticks, Chick Filet Sandwich, Corn, Green Beans, Orange Wedges, Apple Juice, Milk, Ketchup, Mayo. 


    Tuesday – 3/10 Beef Tacos, Corn Dogs, Lettuce/ Tomato, Corn, Pinto Beans, Orange Juice, Apple Sauce, Milk, Mustard, Ketchup,Taco Sauce.  


    Wednesday – 3/11 Chicken Noodles, Turkey Cheese Wrap, French Fries, Carrot Sticks, Strawberry Cups, Apple Juice, Milk, Mayo. 


    Thursday – 3/12– Chicken Tenders, Smoked Sausage, Mac and Cheese, Green Beans, Cucumber/ Tomato Salad, Pineapple, Apple Juice, Milk, Ketchup. 


    Friday – 3/13 Pepperoni Pizza, Fish Sandwich, Corn, Garden Salad, Fruit Mix, Orange Juice, Ranch/Honey Mustard, Tartar Sauce, Milk. 


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  • Lunch Menu 3/2-3/6, 2020

    Posted by Lee Anne Lewis on 3/3/2020

    Monday –3/2 Chicken Tenders, Hot Ham and Cheese Sandwich, Garden Salad, Broccoli Penne Alfredo, Pineapple, Apple Wedges, Milk, Ketchup.


    Tuesday – 3/3 Chicken Tacos, Deli Sandwich, Lettuce/ Tomato, Corn, Black Bean Fiesta, Orange Wedges, Apple Juice, Milk, Mayo, Mustard, Taco Sauce.


    Wednesday – 3/4 PB Crustables, Chicken Patties, Garden Salad, Sweet Potato Patty, Orange Juice, Apple Wedges, Milk, Ranch/ Honey Mustard, Ketchup.


    Thursday – 3/5– Fried Chicken, BBQ Pork Rice, Cabbage, Green Beans, Pineapple, Bananas, Milk, Hot Sauce.


    Friday – 3/6 Cheezy Bites (Cheese Filled Bread Nuggets), Marinara, Fish Sticks, Corn, Garden Salad, Sidekicks, Fruit Mix, Ranch/Honey Mustard, Milk.

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  • Lunch Menu 2/24-2/28, 2020

    Posted by Lee Anne Lewis on 2/26/2020

    Monday –2/24 Smashed Bowl (Chicken Bites/Mashed/Gravy/Corn/Cheese), Hamburger Steak, Mashed Potatoes, Corn, Orange Wedges, Peaches, Milk.


    Tuesday – 2/25 Breaded Chicken Patty, Grilled Cheese, Veg. Beef Soup, Broccoli, Applesauce, Orange Juice, Milk, Ketchup.


    Wednesday – 2/26 Chicken Bog, Turkey Chef Salad, Sweet Potato Bake, Collards, Fruit Mix, Apple Wedges, Ranch, Honey Mustard, Milk.


    Thursday – 2/27– Fried Chicken, Beef Dippers, Corn, Green Beans, Orange Wedges, Apple Juice, Milk, Hot Sauce.


    Friday – 2/28 Cheese Pizza, Fish Nuggets, Garden Salad, Fried Okra, Pineapple, Orange Juice, Ranch, Honey Mustard, Milk, Tartar Sauce

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