• Health and Safety Education

    The State Board of Education approved the South Carolina Academic Standards for Health and Safety Education on August 8, 2017. These Standards provide the scope and sequence for age-appropriate comprehensive health education. The SC Standards are based on the 2007 National Health Education Standards.

    The South Carolina Comprehensive Health Education Act of 1988 requires that at least one time during the four years of grades nine through twelve, each student shall receive instruction in comprehensive health education, including at least seven hundred fifty minutes of reproductive health education and pregnancy prevention education.

    Comprehensive Health Education Act, drug training

    Comprehensive Health Education is mandated by South Carolina law and requires an instructional unit with separate components addressing the following subjects:

    • Reproductive health education
    • Family life education
    • Pregnancy prevention education
    • Sexually transmitted diseases
    • Sexual abuse, assault, awareness, and prevention (Erin’s Law)

    Prescription opioid abuse prevention, with an emphasis on the prescription drug epidemic and the connection between opioid abuse and addiction to other drugs, such as heroin.