• Student Testimonials

    IB benefitted me because it taught me how to manage IB Candidates my time when given a large workload. It taught me the content I've seen in college and writing skills I use today in my college essays. Because of IB, I'm better at portraying my ideas in writing, and I'm better at thinking critically about areas of knowledge.
    Hannah Thomas

    IB meant hard work and determination. It helped me become the person I am now and left me with a forever family. I was very thankful to have had this opportunity to develop and grow. 
    Brittney McKeone

    IB has meant so much to me. Because of IB, I was able to go to college with study skills that are making my college experience so much easier. 
    Sydney Floyd

    IB means looking at the world from different perspectives and facing up to challenges that you never thought you could overcome. 
    Lauren Todd

    IB not only got me into the college of my dreams, but it also created life long friendships between my fellow candidates and myself. 
    Jami Stocks

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