Jamie Church - Myrtle Beach High School 2019 Teacher of the Year

  • Get to Know Ms. Church!

    • Hometown: Brooklyn, Ohio
    • Moved to SC in 1997 to attend CCU
    • Graduated from CCU in 1999 with a double major in Marine Science and Biology
    • Worked as an Aquarist at Ripley’s aquarium for 6 years before returning to CCU at attain a Master’s Degree in Secondary Science Education.
    • Interned at MBHS in the spring of 2004 and began coaching volleyball and teaching (for real) in the fall of 2004 at MBHS
    • Currently building an ocean awareness club to continue improving our school and the environment with more projects similar to the water bottle filling stations located throughout the school.
    • Favorite part of teaching is being able to take students into the field to SEE what they are learning, always planning a field trip to someplace new!
    • Free time: Working my part time job as a show diver at the aquarium and spending every possible moment loving my daughters Jakilynn (8 years old) and Alixandra (4 years old)
Teacher of the Year