Fine Arts Scholarship Opportunities

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  • Great news. Horry County Schools will offer in-person Artistically Gifted Summer Program Scholarships for qualifying students. Students interested in a scholarship to attend a summer Artistically Gifted Program will need to complete the Scholarship Application. The application does not guarantee a scholarship award, but it does submit your name for consideration.

    HCS offers a variety of scholarships for fine arts students who meet the qualifications. 

    The Scholarship Application for Orchestra, Band, Chorus, Visual Art, and Dance are now available. The deadline to complete the application is March 8, 2023.

    All Scholarship Applications, portfolio reviews, monologues, and auditions will be reviewed for acceptance.

  • Scholarships for Visual Arts Students

  • Scholarships for Dance Students

  • Scholarships for Theatre Students

  • Scholarships for Orchestra Students

  • Scholarships for Band Students

  • Scholarships for Chorus Students