ESOL Assignments

    Classroom   Introductions, Expectations, Lab Rules. Network Acceptable Use Policies,   Class Syllabus Handouts

    All assignments need to be researched and very detailed. Include pictures if possible. Questions--Ask Instructor.

    Know Your Neighbor PowerPoint--Create a Personal Power Point on the person   that sits to your right and the person that sits on your left. .  Go   from birth to now.  Also include you future plans.  Be a through as   possible.  Include pictures, stories, etc. etc.  Time to be   creative.  Sports Interests, Favorite sport, players, team,   Favorite food, parents, siblings, pets, etc. etc.    Minimum of 6   slides
    All Below listed Power Points must have a minimum of 8 slides each
    1 - Power Point : Work   Safety on the Computer
    2 - Power Point: Office Safety
    3 - Power Point:  General Safety at Home & Everyday Living
    4 - Power Point: Innovation of the Computer
    Examples  can be found on the teacher share drive--Randall--IBA 1 Class   Info --- No example of General Safety  Be creative and details when making yours

    Soft Skills

    *Assignments must be created, not downloaded. Before you begin assignments please research Soft Skills to gain knowledge on the subjects.

    Assignment 1
    Create a 5 Slide PPT covering the following subjects:
    What are soft skills?
    Why are soft skills important?
    Provide 3 scenarios in which soft skills were/were not used and explain what went right or wrong.
    Apply to life: Explain a time where you have practiced Soft Skills.
    Present a problem and solve that problem using the learned techniques of Soft Skills.

    Assignment 2
    You are a manager at a cooperate office hiring the best-skilled employee, create a PPT representing 4 individuals for an interview, introducing employees with the best soft skills, and the least soft skills. Explain why or why not each employee may or may not be picked for the job based on their actions.

    Assignment 3
    Using Word, create a page script of a conversation between an employer and an employee. Make sure to represent good use of soft skills. Be creative and include many interactions between the employer and the employee.

    Assignment 4
    Using Word, List 10 soft skills employers want the most and explain / define each

    Assignment 5
    Using Word, Describe why soft skills are so important during the interview process and how important for students to learn soft skills.

    Define hard skills and soft skills and compare / Explain the need for balance

    Vocabulary / Terms
    Type word or term and the definition.  Use the Internet to find the definition.  Vocab File is at the bottom of this page

    Word Fliers 1  Adventure
    Word Fliers 2  Baseball Tryouts
    Word Fliers 3  Bean Bag Toss
    Create the fliers.  Try to make yours as close as you can to what is shown.  All fliers are at the bottom of this page 

    Using   Word create a research style paper on the following topics.  Each should be 1 page in length.
    Month You were Born
    Your Zodiac Sign
    Tattoos’ -- Explain why they are so popular--are they healthy? Etc. Etc.  Please be a detailed as possible.  Please work site your information.  Min. 4 pages

    Word   Career Papers  3
    Choose a Career
    -- Create a Resume & Cover letter –All   information needed to fill your job of choice (education work experience) You may use Word templates

    High School Teacher
      College Professor
      Health Care  Nurse, Dietitian, Physical Therapist
      Retail Manager
      Fast Food Worker
      Boeing Employee
      Hotel Manager
      Hotel Maintenance
      Golf Course Management

    Your cover letter must   be properly formatted and addressed to:
      Mr. Quintin Buckman
      Human Resource Manager
      24700 Maple Leaf Circle
      Suite 101
      Pawleys Inlet, SC  29579

    Once you have   completed both please print and turn in
     Please be very detailed in your resume -- Remember you are just 1 of 75   people applying for the job.  You need to sell yourself in your resume   and cover letter so you will get an interview.

    Special Publisher Section
    Microsoft Publisher
    You will find examples in the PDF section
    Templetes can be found in Publisher

    Sales Flier-You own a store Everything must go Clearance Sale
    Sales Flier-You are selling your car--include selling info and your   name phone tear offs across the bottom of the flier
    Fliers Promoting Membership in   FBLA—DECA—FCCLA –(3 Different fliers) See Clubs section of website for school information and research the internet for national information.
    Family Calendar--12months--include holidays, family and friends   birthdays, etc. etc -- 1 month is shown as example -- You need to create and entire year.
    Children’s Book – 10 pages—Write   your story and include pictures that you draw.  Draw pictures in Paintbrush and insert them in your book.
    Family Cookbook - Sample shown -- Be creative

    Excel 1 Caitlyn's Candles
    Excel 2 Kaseey Vehicles
    Complete the spreadsheets. Files are fould at the bottom of this page

    Excel Special Project
    Population---Using Excel Compare the population of counties Horry, Georgetown, Brunswick, and the states of South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia.  Collect the data for every 10 years from 1900 to 2010.  Once data is collected create 2 line graphs to show the growth. 1 for counties, 1 for states

    Power Point
    Create a main page with   topic pictures -hyperlink picture to topic page in the power point.    Please but a back button on all pages and hyperlink back to the Topic Page.
      This will be a 53 slide Power Point--1 Topic Slide 2 slides per compare   topics.  (Example 1 Slide for   Coke, 1 Slide for Pepsi, 1 Slide for McDonalds, 1 Slide for Burger King, etc.   etc.)  Research your findings

    Compare the Two 
    Coke vs. Pepsi
      McDonalds vs. Burger King
      Subway vs. Fire House Subs
      River City vs. Five Guys
      Dominos vs. Papa Johns
      IHOP vs. Eggs Up Grill
      Great Wall Chinese vs. P. F. Chang’s
      Captain Georges vs. Crabby Mikes
      Sticky Fingers vs. Prosser's Barbecue
      Gatorade vs. Powerade
      Glasses vs. Contacts
      Apple vs. Samsung Cell Phones
      Tablet vs. Laptop
      Yahoo vs. Google
      Wal Mart vs. Target
      Google Chrome vs. Mozilla Firefox
      Skateboarding vs, Surfing
      Sandals vs. Flipflops
      Beach vs. Mountains
      Snow Skiing vs. Water Skiing
      Eternal Wave vs. Ron Jon Surf Shop
      Typing vs. Writing
      Pen vs. Pencil
      Direct TV vs. Cable
      Winter vs. Summer
      Books vs. Movies

    History by the Decades
      60's, 70's, 80's 90's      25 total slides
      Minimum of 6 slides per decade -- Have a Title Slide
      Create an Historical Timeline for each decade
      Show important happening during their time period, Advancements, problems,   who was President
      Show price of gas, milk -- What music and artist was number 1 during the time   period. Be creative and very detailed -- The more facts the better   your grade will be.

    South Carolina –   Several slides on each topic listed
      South Carolina Government --- Federal, State, County (Council & School   Board)
      South Carolina Colleges
      South Carolina Beaches
      South Carolina Hurricanes
      Famous People from South Carolina
      South Carolina Native Americans
      South Carolina Wildlife
      Francis Marion --Who was he?? What did he do? Why is he so famous? How many   things in South Carolina are named after him?
      Ghosts of Horry & Georgetown Counties

    Favorite Music Groups
    Create a 20 slide power point on your favorite music group.  Describe with words and pictures all members of the band then brief history on each starting from childhood to current.  List their best hits.  Provide info like their concerts, their families, children, etc.