• Car riders are dropped off and picked up in the designated car drop-off area in front of the school.  

    Car riders must be dropped off and picked up from under the front awning only.  Car riders may only be picked up from the designated area.  Students are not permitted to be picked up in any faculty, staff, or bus parking area.  Students should be picked up promptly after dismissal.  Parents are asked to pull all the way forward before allowing students to enter vehicles.  All car riders are to be picked up by 3:45 pm unless they are attending an after-school activity.

    All students are required to leave school property after dismissal unless they attend an after-school activity.  If an activity does not begin right after dismissal, students must go home and be brought back to school.

    Any changes in the afternoon transportation of your student MUST be received in writing before 2:30 PM. After this time, we can not ensure that your student will be made aware of the change.

Car Rider