School Dress Code
  • Student dress should be confined to clothes that are reasonable, practical, and in good taste for school. School attire should reflect good taste, cleanliness and comfort. The school will make judgments and decisions as to preserve the health, safety, and decorum of students.  Student cooperation is expected in the following area:

    • Hats, head scarves, headgear, and sunglasses are prohibited inside the school building. 

    • The possession of all bandanas is prohibited at OBM.  

    • Clothing will be worn so that underwear is not visible. Pants & shirt must overlap at all times.  

    • Clothing which is controversial or disruptive is not allowed. No pajamas are allowed. 

    • See-through clothing, spagheti strap tops, tube tops, form-fitting pants, cut-off shirts, halters or clothes exposing the mid-section or bare shoulders are not allowed. Shirts and blouses are to be buttoned appropriately. Tank tops must have a shoulder strap of at least 2 inches in width.  It is never appropriate to show undergarments. 

    • Shorts, skirts, and dresses, even with leggings, must be longer than the student’s fingertips when his/her fingers are extended arm’s length by his/her side.  Slits/holes in clothing must also be no shorter than the student’s fingertips when shoulders are relaxed and fingers are extended arm’s length by his/her side. Gym shorts, cutoffs, bathing suits and short shorts are not appropriate at school.  Form fitting pants (for example: yoga pants/leggings) must be worn with a top, shorts, or skirt/dress that meets the fingertip length all the way around.

    • Shoes/sandals are to be worn at all times at school. NO bedroom shoes or heelies are allowed. 

    • Hair styles are left to the individual. Health standards require cleanliness at all times.  

    • Clothing promoting alcohol, drugs, weapons, sexual behavior, clothing with sexual innuendoes, and/or ethinic derogatories is not allowed. The administrative staff has the authority to make judgements in this regard.  

    • Items such as spiked jewelry (including body piercings), padlocks, safety pins, and chains are not allowed. 

    Violations of the dress code will be referred to  administration and the parents will be called to bring a change of clothes to the school. Meanwhile, the student will wait in In School Suspension (ISS) until the dress code violation is corrected.  The ISS location is a supervised classroom where the student can complete classwork until clothing can be corrected.

    Violations of the Dress Code will be dealt with on a case by case basis. On the third dress code violation, the student will receive a discipline referral  and a consequence will be given.