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    Socastee High's School Profile

    Program of Studies 2023-24

    Class Scheduling and IGP Meetings

    Scheduling of classes takes place during the spring prior to the next school year or when a new student first enrolls in school. The Individual Graduation Plan conference will occur during this same time. All students have access to written information about courses and are given assistance in their selections.  Recommendations for classes are based on current performance, teacher recommendations, and advisement with guidance.

    Guidelines for Schedule Changes

    Because students are given the opportunity to conference with teachers and their guidance counselors to select courses as well as review these sections with their parents, no schedule changes will be made after student schedules are printed, except under the following circumstances:

    • Credit is needed for graduation;
    • Scheduling errors have been made;
    • Credit has been earned during summer school; or
    • A student has not passed a prerequisite course.      


    No requests for schedule changes will be accepted following the fifth day of a semester without written approval from the school principal. Please see the “Course Drop Outside Allowed Window” form for more information on the drop policy.  This form may be obtained in the student's "Class of" Google Classroom.