• Chief Champion Club

    The Chief Champion club is a new club that hopes to inspire our students to be their very best in every aspect of life and be viewed as a Champion of Chief Culture within our school.  Meetings will involve both character-building activities and fitness activities.  Students will be expected to be encouraging and supportive members of our Chief Champion community so that everyone in the room grows and improves.  After meetings we will ask each student to reflect on the activities that we did that day and how it will help them in life.  We also expect our students to do a minimum of four hours of community service and demonstrate their ability to dress for success on Mondays.  Students may achieve "Champion" status and receive a Chief Champion t-shirt when they meet the required expectations of meeting attendance, reflections, community service and dressing for success.

    Grades Included: Open to students of all grade levels.  First semester meetings will be for females only.  We hope to start the male version of the club during the second semester.

    Meetings: Held after school on Tuesdays from 3:30 to 4:30 pm.  Students may join at any point in the school year. 

    Contact: Mrs. Lori Ruggieri, Mrs. Sharon Mahon, Ms. Ashleigh Miller