Parents are asked to contact AHS Attendance Clerk, Blenda Jenkins, in the event of a student's absence from school. Parents may call the attendance office at (843) 488-7100 ext. 113107 or e-mail ahsattendance@horrycountyschools.net.



    If your student needs to be released early, a note must be sent to the front office or an email sent to AHSAttendance@horrycountyschools.net. In the note, please include: 

    • the student’s name 

    • time of dismissal 

    • parent name 

    • contact phone number 

    • as well as if your student will need to be notified   

    Kindly give at least a 30 minute notice prior to dismissal so that all procedures can be followed. Otherwise, there will not be enough time for all parties to be notified.

    ALL EARLY DISMISSALS MUST BE VERIFIED BY PHONE. After phone verification, a pass will be created and placed with the sign-out sheet in the front office. Students signing themselves out can come at break or lunch to pick up their passes. When their dismissal time arrives, students go to the front office to sign out. Students will not be called out of class to avoid interrupting instruction. 

    When a parent/guardian is picking up a student, that person must come into the building at the main office. Any student that leaves campus without the school’s authorization will receive OSS.