Attendance Office

  • Signing In/Signing out of Students

    • Students who arrive after the first bell for the first block (8:25 a.m.) will be marked tardy and are to report to the attendance office to sign in and receive a pass to class.
    • Students being checked out of school by their parents prior to the end of the school day are to remain in their classrooms until called by the attendance office.  No student is to wait for their parents in the commons area or in the attendance office for pick-up.
    • Parents are not allowed to check out any student between 3:00 p.m and 3:15 p.m.  All early check-outs must occur prior to 3:00 p.m. 


    • An absence is considered excused if a valid medical doctor's written note (with the date & time the student was seen) is provided within 3 school days after the absence.
    • An absence for bereavement, due to a death in the student's immediate family, may be excused if an obituary or program of service verifying the death is provided to the attendance clerk within 3 school days after the absence.
    • An absence for a nationally recognized religious holiday of the student's faith may be excused if a request is made in writing to the principal and written approval is received prior to the absence.
    • A parent may request approval of absence for hardship, in writing, utilizing the Request for Approval form. This form may be obtained from the school's attendance office. The form must be completed and submitted prior to the absence (if the parent has prior knowledge), or within 3 days following the absence. 

    Promotion/Retention due to Absences

    • In order to receive credit for a class, students may not miss:
      • over five (5) unexcused or unverified class periods of a subject in one semester/term, or
      • over ten (10) total unexcused or unverified class periods in year-long classes.
    • Attendance make-up school is offered each semester for students who need to make up a minimum of three absences per class.  Makeup school is solely for the purpose of obtaining attendance credit.
    • Should absences over the five (5) unexcused or unverified in a semester class or over ten (10) unexcused or unverified in a year-long class not be made up, the student will receive an "FA" in the course.  This is a failing mark and remains on the student's transcript unless the absences are made up and cleared in the semester or year of the course. 

      Did You Know?

    • Lawful absences are considered medical, judicial, bereavement, and recognized religious holidays.
    • Parents and students have daily access to attendance through PowerSchool's Parent Portal, which is a helpful tool to keep up with grades and attendance.
    • School privileges, such as school transfers, can be denied due to excessive absences or tardies.
    • The school attendance office cannot complete the required paperwork for obtaining a driver's license unless the student is in compliance with the South Carolina Truancy Law.