• Therapeutic Learning Center

    The Therapeutic Learning Center at Horry County Schools provides services to students with severe emotional and social challenges which impede their academic progress,despite multiple intensive educational and behavioral interventions and to offer intensive and highly idividualized academic and clinical services in a therapeutic setting in order to enable the student to return to his/her base school. By offering a comprehensive system of individual and group treatment services provided within a structured educational setting, students have increased opportunitues for success within TLC, their base schools, and ultimately their surrounding communities.

  • Mission

    The mission of the Therapeutic Learning Center is to provide a safe and supportive environment where students with educational and social/emotional challenges can best develop life skills and character, understanding of technology, and academic proficiency to ensure lifelong success.


    • We believe social/emotional progress occurs through the development of meaningful relationships and the use of positive programming and services.
    • We believe it is essential to incorporate personalized digital learning to support students in the development of academic and functional skills.
    • We believe in the dignity and worth of every child and family; and that when children feel valued and cared for, each has the ability to meet their full potential.


  •  TLC HCS

    Dr. Brian P. Conary, Program Administrator
    1620 Sherwood Drive
    Conway, SC 29526
    Phone: 843-488-6222
    Fax: 843-488-6203