• Message from the Principal
    L Hayes

    Leon E. Hayes, Principal


    Dear South Conway Families:

    Welcome to South Conway Elementary School. As we continue to deal with Covid 19 our focus this school year is not only to grow our students academically, socially, and emotionally but to provide a safe environment that includes social distancing, masks, and protocols for cleanliness. Our challenges are great, but can be met with the efforts of everyone involved. Typically our school has an enrollment of 600 students in grades Pre-k-5 . Many families have opted to start the year in HCS Virtual which will reduce our enrollment. Our school goal is to help our students develop world class skills and career characteristics of the profile of a South Carolina Graduate by providing a safe and academically caring environment. We provide our students the opportunity to participate in Service Learning Projects to solve real world problems and to become active responsible citizens. Our school has received a rating from the SC Department of Education of “Good” for the last 9 years. Early Intervention is a focus in our school to provide students with academic assistance in the areas of reading and math for those that need it.

    We encourage our parents to get involved through our PTO, School Improvement Council, Title 1 Planning Team, or as a volunteer. We have a Parenting Center with a Family School Coordinator that works closely with parents, business partners, and community to provide support for students and school programs. We are fortunate to have partnerships with Jamestown Baptist Church, The Rock Church, Santee Cooper, Billy’s Boys, and Backpack Buddies just mention a few. One goal we have each year is to build relationships with our students, parents and staff. Together we can accomplish much! It is my pleasure and honor to serve as your principal! We are glad you are a part of our school family.


    Leon Hayes