• General Information

    What is the Science National Honor Society?

    “SNHS will be the prominent scientific organization that will engender a new group of young thinkers who will be the future of industry, research, and scientific exploration for America.”

    What is the purpose of Science National Honor Society?

    • Encourage and recognize scientific and intellectual thought

    • Advance the students’ knowledge of classical and modern science

    • Communicate with the scientific community

    • Aid the civic community with its comprehension of science

    • Encourage students to participate in community service and in turn, encourage a dedication to the pursuit of scientific knowledge that benefits all humankind

    Who qualifies for membership in Science National Honor Society?

    • AAST students in grades 11-12 qualify to become members of SNHS by meeting the following criteria:  

    • GPA of 3.8 or higher, weighted

    • A member must have completed two honors science classes prior to the eleventh grade year, one of which must be Biology (which is considered the prerequisite course for higher science courses).

    • All other science courses taken must be designated upper level (honors or AP). A student may take a CP level course science at AAST if the course is not offered at the upper level (honors or AP). The student must also be enrolled in an upper level (honors or AP) laboratory science course in the same school year.

    • Students must be enrolled in an upper level  (honors or AP) laboratory science course in both the 11th and 12th grade years.

    • Students must complete each science course with a minimum grade equivalent of a 3.5 on the South Carolina Uniform Grading Scale. Students who transfer to Horry County prior to enrolling at AAST will not be penalized based on uniform grading scale transfer policies; however, they must earn one honors science credit at a grade equivalent to 3.5 or greater on the South Carolina Uniform Grading Scale prior to invitation.

    • Students must maintain behavior that is acceptable to the guidelines of AAST Student Handbook, Dress Code, and Honor Code.