• Lee James


    Conway High School’s vision is to be a multicultural and socially inclusive, world-class school centered around high-quality teaching and learning.  Our students will be prepared to be active citizens that utilize collaboration, critical thinking, and academic knowledge to positively impact the lives of others. Our school will continue to be a pillar of Conway by honoring long-held traditions, embracing our community, and strategically preparing students to take on future challenges.  We are Conway!


    Message from the Principal:

    Welcome to Conway High School, an academic institution that prepares students to display world-class knowledge and skills while honoring long-held traditions and serving our community.

    It is my privilege to serve as the principal of Conway High, where I have the opportunity to work alongside a dedicated group of educators, who continually mold our exceptional students into global citizens and complex, critical-thinkers. 

    Conway High School is proud to offer a spectrum of programs that meet the needs of a diverse student body as they prepare to enter college or the workplace.  Career preparation begins as students enter one of nine pathways that lead to industry certification accepted nationally.  Conway High’s tradition of academic excellence and high standard for academic rigor can be seen through the fourteen Advanced Placement courses and sixteen dual credit opportunities and the nine career pathways, which lead to industry certification, accepted nationwide. 


    As an AVID school focused on continual goal setting and a STEM school designed around providing a 21st-century education where student choice, creativity, and critical thinking, communication, and collaboration skills allow students to be global thinkers and learners. Our ability to boast that our students have the ability to leave high school with certifications that allow them to enter the workforce immediately after high school graduation. 

    We are thrilled to provide every student with a unique learning path that speaks to their own passions and ambitions.  To that end, we are proud to offer a wide variety of extra-curricular activities where students demonstrate their skills in areas outside the classroom. 

    We allow students to explore their interests, whether those interests are strictly academic, on the athletic field or on the performance stage, we are committed to helping students develop the talents and skills that will help them be happy, successful adults.  

    We are building a generation of thinkers and doers, students who are committed to making a positive impact in our community. Conway is steeped in tradition, and while we are gorging a bright path to a bright future, we cannot forget the sacrifices of those who have made Conway the great institution 




    Profile of SC Grad

    Our Tiger family prides itself on supporting one another through all of life’s challenges and our advocacy for students is unrelenting. We believe that every Tiger graduates from Conway High with the skills and passion necessary to set goals, take on challenges,  and to use their gifts to transform and uplift their communities. We are Conway and the bonds we have forged among our students and our larger community define us. 

    As we say, “Once a Tiger, Always a Tiger,” and we look forward to welcoming you into our school and into our Tiger family. 

    -Mr. James