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    The SOAR celebration is a ceremony that is rich in tradition. SOAR stands for Shine On After Return, and during the SOAR ceremony, students display their Eagle Traits of Honesty, Character, Empowerment, and Courage by presenting their projects to families, administrators, and special guests. In addition to their projects, students write letters to their base schools and our SOAR staff as part of their empowerment trait.


    All potential SOAR students receive an official school letter on the Monday of their SOAR week to notify their families of the potential celebration. SOAR ceremonies are typically held on Friday mornings at 11:30 a.m. with the exception of the Blackout Weeks listed on our website's calendar. 


    For more information contact:
    Ms. Jennifer Osborne at 843-488-7500 or JOsborne@horrycountyschools.net