• This year, professional photographer and educator Talbot Easton Selby of Conway, SC judged the high school art competition. Selby judged both two-dimensional and three-dimensional works, each category receiving a first, second and third place ribbon, as well as a Best in Show and eight honorable mentions.

    Jenna Monroe
    Best in Show
    Jenna Monroe, A Woman in her World

    KT Basile

    2D First Place
    Katelynn Basile, Ground on which we Stand 

    Glenn Courtney

    3D First Place
    Glenn Courtney, We Need to Find a Balance

    Caroline Elliot

    3D Third Place
    Caroline Elliot, Coral Bleaching

    Will Williams

    3D Honorable Mention, Most Thought-Provoking
    Will Williams, We Saved You a Seat

    Dakota Stone

    3D Honorable Mention, Non-Traditional Materials
    Dakota Stone, Creeping Closer

    Hitomi Kobayashi

    2D Honorable Mention, Most Thought-Provoking
    Hitomi Kobayashi, Have You Seen My Mother?

    Guillermo Lopez

    2D Honorable Mention, Traditional Materials
    Guillermo Lopez, Sand to Sand