• What is the Advanced Art Major?

    The Advanced Art Major at AAST is a rigorous two-year program designed for juniors and seniors interested in studying art at an advanced level. Our major is devoted to investigating many different artistic techniques, methods, mediums, and styles. It is a place to explore and expand your passion for visual art in all its many forms. Most of all, it is a place to find your "art family" as you work with your peers to collaborate, critique, lend a helping hand, lift up, spread positivity, celebrate accomplishments, and hold each other accountable. Our art major community is made up of a wide variety of students from all kinds of backgrounds and with all kinds of interests, and every year is a new and exciting adventure.

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    Here at AAST, the art major students work and produce art in one of the largest and most advanced art studios in the state. Your two instructors will provide guidance and assistance as you create and learn. The possibilities are endless - currently, students are working on everything from 3D & 2D stained glass, wheel-thrown ceramics, figurative oil painting, digital painting & character design, interactive acrylic portraiture, metalwork & welding, surfboard & skateboard design, and mask-making - and that's just to name a few! Students also have the opportunity to participate in a variety of business and community related art projects throughout Horry County. All our art major students enter their work in multiple competitions during the school year, and many win multiple accolades during their time with the major, including scholarships and monetary rewards. Each student in our major will produce a professional art portfolio showcasing their talents. For the more advanced art students, we also offer AP Art & Design in Drawing, 2-D, and 3-D.

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    Art Major students go on to a wide variety of colleges & careers. Some enter the workforce directly, using their communication and time management skills to serve them in their job of choice. Others earn associate degrees and carry their productivity and collaboration skills into their careers. They draw inspiration from their surroundings to continue their artwork. Still more enter into a traditional four-year college path, studying everything from Visual Art and Graphic Design to Pre-Law, Political Science, and Medicine. Their critical thinking, creativity, and leadership skills serve them there. No matter where our students go, the skills they learn in the art major will stay with them, making them better leaders, employees, and members of their community.

    The goal of the Art Major is to inspire and foster a lifelong commitment and active engagement in the world of art and culture.  The program’s teaching philosophy embraces building and enhancing formal visual art skill and technique while remaining dedicated to productive experimentation, intellectual engagement, and individual expressive voice. While in this program, the opportunities for personal growth and artistic accomplishment are extraordinary.

    If you are passionate about art and eager to see how far you can take your skills, we hope you will consider applying to the Advanced Art Major. We look forward to meeting you and helping you make your art!