Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Jamie Franklin

Hello friend! I am Jamie Franklin and have the pleasure of teaching and guiding the Senior Advanced Art Majors at AAST.  Along with the Major, I also teach AP Art and Design (Drawing, 2D, 3D) and Art 2.  I have a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art and Art Education from the University of South Carolina, a Masters of Arts in Teaching and Learning from Coastal Carolina University. I am Gifted and Talented and AP certified. 

I have been involved with AAST's Advanced Art Major in some capacity since 1999, when I assisted with AAST's Gifted and Talented Summer Art Program.  It was then that I fell in love with the mission of the Advanced Art Major, which is to provide students with an opportunity to pursue art at an advanced level and create a sustained, research and interest based body of work during the two year program.  I am dedicated to the creative environment and culture created within this Major and take much pride in the young artists that are a part of it.  I  guide students to be innovative, creative, think for themselves and to think outside the box. I tell my students to walk purposefully for their art, whether their purpose will lead them to a career in art or a lifetime of appreciating art.  In my opinion, art, creativity and innovation are all connected and can strengthen any college or career choice.  I am an artist at heart, but I feel my true purpose is to guide students to use their abilities to the fullest, be real world relevant and have a toolbox full of 21st century skills necessary to to be successful in today's global society.

As an artist, I draw much inspiration from my experiences.  Growing up on a tobacco farm located outside of Loris, I remember spending summers working in the fields and helping my family.  I remember the smell of newly tilled land, growing crops and curing tobacco. “The Golden Leaf” was more than a way of life it was our heritage.  I remember the intense work ethic of my father as the pressure to provide for his family could rise and fall simply by the changing weather.  I remember hot summers, long rows of crops, and long days – from dawn to dusk we would work.  I remember my stoic grandfather telling stories of farming past.  The stories of mules, plows, blisters and strained backs.  I remember hard work, and valuable lessons learned, but above all I remember family. My artwork is based on the use and exploration of mixed media in various forms. I enjoy using texture and aligning various non-traditional materials such as tar, burlap, silicone, sand and wax to enhance the composition of my work. A vast majority of my work is based on my remembrance of farm and family. The materials I use to create my work are often found on our family farm and used by family members.