• The study of a foreign language enriches the student’s understanding of world cultures and provides the student with the skills to live in a diverse world and to compete in a global economy and job market.  Although a foreign language is not required for graduation, two units of the same foreign language are required for admission to most colleges and universities.  Some colleges and universities require three units of the same foreign language.  Contact the admissions office at the college or university that you are interested in attending for specific foreign language requirements.

    Spanish I

    Prerequisite:  None             

    This course is the first in a series in which students develop communication skills, cultural knowledge, connections to their subject areas, comparisons to their own language and culture, and participation in multilingual communities.  Students will study vocabulary, the basic grammatical mechanics of the

    language, pronunciation, and culture. Emphasis is placed on developing interpretive, interpersonal, and presentational skills within an authentic cultural context.

    Spanish II             

    Prerequisite:  Spanish I

    This course is a continued study of the language principles developed in Spanish I.  Students will expand their basic knowledge of the language. Students will learn additional

    vocabulary and will be exposed to more complex grammar concepts and cultural contexts.  Interpretive, interpersonal, and presentational skills will continue to be developed and applied.

    Spanish III Honors             

    Prerequisite:  Spanish II

    This third level of language study again advances what has been acquired in Spanish I and II.  All concepts and vocabulary learned in the first two levels are utilized and expanded. The course includes an intensified study of vocabulary, grammar, and culture to further develop interpretive, interpersonal, and presentational skills in language.  Students will be expected to exhibit higher levels of comprehension in all standards.

    Spanish IV Honors

    Prerequisite: Spanish I, II, and III 

    This advanced Spanish language course emphasizes speaking and oral comprehension of current topics. Students also study the structure of the Spanish language, development of writing skills and expanded reading comprehension. Students will be expected to exhibit higher levels of comprehension in all standards.




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