• Did you know that studying art can make you a better doctor? It's true! It might even help you get into medical school - take Harvard's Arts and Medicine Initiative for example. Current research shows that looking at artworks can help future doctors hone their observation skills, maintain objectivity, and cope with moments of uncertainty. And that's just one example! The arts can help you in countless ways as you prepare to enter college or a career by growing your transferable skills - an essential element that employers are increasingly looking for as we enter an era of critical-thinking and communication-based industry.

    Image result for doctor artist" Master Sgt. Juan Munoz sketches inside of his art studio located within the Army's Museum Support Center at Fort Belvoir. interested candidates interested in applying for the position may apply at https://history.army.mil/museums/armyArtists/apply.html janicelee.jpg

    Many of our students go on to earn their BA or BFA in Visual Art. If this is your plan, the art major is the perfect place for you. You will gain a distinct advantage over others by leaving our program with a polished, professional quality digital portfolio filled with works that you are passionate about and can explain in detail. This portfolio can be used to apply for scholarships, honors colleges, and other great opportunities.

    As you enter college, you may encounter people asking "what can you do with an art degree?" The answer is - anything! The Strategic National Arts Alumni Project has conducted many studies showing that the majority of people with a visual art degree are not only employed - they are thriving! While the arts may not necessarily have a definitive career path, all it takes is motivation, discipline, passion, and a solid knowledge of techniques and mediums to make a successful career as a visual artist. A Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual/Studio Art unlocks many opportunities for exciting careers in fields such as Art Direction & Curating, Graphic Design, Marketing, and Art Education. Going on to achieve your Masters in Fine Arts opens even more doors, including careers in Post-Secondary Education, Interior Design, and many other fields. You can also study fields such as Art History, Arts Management, Museum Studies, Historic Preservation, Visual Communications, and many more.

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    Even if you're not sure what you want to study - or you know you want to study art in high school, but you think you might want to study something else in college - the Art Major could be the right place for you. You can reach out to Ms. Compton and Ms. Franklin anytime with questions about how the Art Major can help you reach your career goals. We look forward to hearing from you!