• SOAR Academy Community Service   

    Community Service is a non-paying job performed by a person or group of people for the benefit of the community or its institutions.

    Each student at Soar Academy performs Community Service hours to earn Eagle Points to return to their base school.

    Community Service hours are required for each Tier.

    • 10 hours of Community Service while in Tier 3 (Total 20 hours)

    • 5 hours of Community Service while in Tier 2 (Total 10 hours)

    • 5 hours of Community Service while in Tier 1 (Total 5 hours)


    • The Soar Academy Community Service Verification form must be completed by the work supervisor and must include their name and phone number.

    • All community service hours are verified prior to being added to a student's Eagle Points.

    • Student must take a picture of his/herself at the community service site and email it his/her school G-mail account.

    Please turn in Community Service forms to only Ms. VanDyke.

    Click here for printable PDF files.

    SOAR Academy Community Service Verification Form

    Community Service at SOAR Academy (Includes a list of Community Service Opportunities)

    Formulario de Verificación de Servicio Comunitario de Academia SOAR

    Servicio a la comunidad de la Academia SOAR (Incluye una lista de oportunidades de servicio comunitario.)