• Riverside Elementary Expectations for Students

    RES students are expected to be respectful, responsible, and ready every day.

    Respectful, Responsible, and Ready!

    • Procedures are established for all areas of the building (classrooms, hallways, restrooms, cafeteria, library, playground, multi-purpose room, and buses) to maintain order, to ensure safety, and to maximize learning.
    • Procedures are taught during the first week of school, modeled by the teacher, and reviewed every day.
    • Students are held accountable for the following procedures.
    • Students are rewarded for exhibiting appropriate behaviors and for following established procedures.
    • Students are redirected with supportive corrections when procedures are not followed and consequences are given as necessary.
    • Students who maintain personal best behavior and who make good choices, by having no bus, class or school discipline referrals, will be rewarded monthly and quarterly.