• Visitors at Riverside Elementary

    We enjoy having our parents visit the school, and we hope to see you often,  but we ask that for safety reasons you follow these guidelines when visiting Riverside.

    • ALL VISITORS MUST REPORT TO THE OFFICE before going to any area within the building.
    • Visitors must sign in and be issued a visitor's pass.
    • You must have your driver's license to receive a pass.
    •  No one is allowed to visit on the playground during recess.
    • Any extended visit must be planned in advance with the Principal.
    • We request that parents make an appointment to visit the classrooms because we must ensure that nothing interferes with the allocated time for instruction.
    • If you would like to have a conference with the principal or a teacher, please call the school for an appointment. 
    • Younger children, friends or students from other schools will not be allowed to spend the day in a classroom.


    Volunteers at Riverside Elementary

    Riverside loves volunteers.  We love it when family and community get involved at our school. Studies show that students are much more successful when families, volunteers, and teachers work as a team.

    The volunteer application process for Horry County Schools is very simple to be complete, but it must be completed annually.

    To be a member of Riverside PTO you must have completed an online application and been approved.

    HCS Volunteer applications are online at https://www.horrycountyschools.net/Page/916.

    Ways You Can Help

    • Serve as an academic tutor or homework helper
    • Serve as a literacy tutor
    • Be a reading buddy, book buddy, or reading friend.
    • Help with writing assignments
    • Play instructional games
    • Be a penpal or email pal
    • Be an ESOL coach or practice vocabulary with non-English speaking students.
    • Share expertise in creative arts or recreational activities
    • Answer phones
    • Run copies
    • Help in the library, guidance, or nurse's office
    • Help with PTO sponsored activities
    • Assist with developing teaching materials
    • Monitor hallway, playgrounds, or cafeterias
    • Monitor testing
    • Assist in producing the school newsletter or student publishing center
    • Chaperone school trips
    • Help with fundraising activities

    Call Riverside Elementary (843)399-8800 with any questions about volunteer opportunities at our school.