• Guidelines for Student Appearance and Dress

    Boy in School Uniform

    • Appropriate attire for learning and safety is most important.
    • Any form of wearing apparel that is unsafe, unhealthy, indecent or tends to disrupt a class or a school will not be permitted.
    • Appropriate footwear must be worn at all times.
    • During extremely hot weather children may wear shorts of adequate length to assure modesty when the student is seated or engaged in activities.
    • The appropriate length for shorts would be when hands are by your side and shorts are at least at or below longest fingertip.
    • Pants and belts should be worn at the appropriate height.
    • Hats and/or hoods should not be worn at any time in the building.
    • Tank top straps must be the width of the first two fingers. Spaghetti straps are inappropriate.