• Lifelong Guidelines

    At Riverside Elementary School, it is our intent to establish clear classroom behavior expectations.  Though every child is an individual, it is important for all students to understand that certain Lifelong Guidelines contribute to his/her own success in school and in life.  It is the expectation that RES Chiefs will practice the Lifelong Guidelines of Trustworthiness, Truthfulness, Active Listening, Personal Best, and No Put-Downs.  To ensure students fully understand these concepts, students participate in Life Skills Lessons to help them to develop positive character traits for life. 

    The Life Skills detailed below explain the meaning of doing one's personal best.  Student Life Skills lessons are structured to encourage the incorporation of these positive Life Skills into our children's daily behaviors so that each child has the knowledge required to act his/her personal best.  

    Riverside Elementary Life Skills

    • Kindness/Caring: to feel and show concern for others – to be thoughtful.
    • Responsibility: to be accountable for your actions.
    • Common Sense/Good Choices: To think it through.
    • Respect/Manners: to treat others the way you want to be treated – being polite and courteous to others.
    • Friendship: to make and keep a friend through mutual trust and caring – to encourage others.
    • Cooperation/Teamwork: to work together toward a common goal or purpose.
    • Leader: A person who influences others to accomplish a goal and to work together – someone who motivates others to make good choices and to do their best.
    • Organization: to plan and implement in an orderly way – grouping things and ideas so that they work well together.
    • Initiative: to do something because it needs to be done.
    • Problem Solving: to create or seek solutions to difficult situations and everyday problems – to look for answers.
    • Honesty/ Integrity: to be honest, sincere, and of sound moral principle - acting in a way that shows that you know right from wrong.
    • Effort: to try your hardest and do your best.
    • Patience: to wait calmly for someone or something – showing calm self-control.
    • Flexibility: the ability and willingness to alter plans when necessary.
    • Perseverance: to continue despite difficulties – sticking to a hard job – trying again.
    • Pride: to feel a sense of satisfaction about doing one’s personal best.
    • Sense of Humor: the ability to notice humor or appreciate a joke.