• W-4 Tax Forms

    IRS W-4

    The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has changed the format of the W-4 Employee Withholding Certificate.  

    For help and instructions with the new form, visit the IRS FAQ page.  The IRS has also created an online withholding estimator that can assist you in determining the amounts needed for the new form.

    South Carolina W-4

    Prior to the calendar year 2020, South Carolina did not have a separate W-4 form.  Due to the changes in the IRS form listed above, South Carolina has created a new SC W-4 Withholding Certificate.  All employees who want to make changes to their SC withholding amounts must submit this new version to payroll.  This form will not impact your federal tax withholding.  This form will only change your South Carolina withholding amount.



    How do I change my federal and state withholding amounts?  Answer:  Submit both forms listed above to Payroll.

    What if I am a new-hire who has not submitted either form? Answer:  The payroll system will default your withholding for both tax agencies to the maximum allowed until you submit a form instructing us to change your withholding.

    Submit forms

    • Fax (843) 488-6726
    • Sealed in an inter-office courier envelope to: Payroll Dept.
    • US Mail to HCS Payroll, PO Box 260005,  Conway SC 29528-6005
    • Please do not email tax forms to payroll.  Regular email is not a secure delivery method.