• AAST Frequently Asked Questions


    • Is AAST a public school?
      • Yes!  AAST is a public school just like all other Horry County Schools.
    • Does it cost money to go to AAST?
      • No!  AAST is a public school and therefore free for all Horry County students.
    • Who selects the students for AAST?
      • The District Office has created a rubric that is available on the website.  The results of that rubric are tabulated by a third-party accounting firm, who then reports back to the District Office with a ranking of the applicants.  The top 25 applicants for each Major teacher (some majors have more than one teacher) are invited to attend AAST. See the posted rubric for complete details.
    • Are there buses?
      • Yes!  All base schools transport students to and from AAST every day. Some students choose to drive to AAST.  Some students drive to their base schools and then ride a bus to AAST. Some students ride a bus to their base school and then board another bus to come to AAST.
    • What time do classes start and end?
      • The AAST school day begins at 8:15 am. Dismissal for buses is 2:40 pm and 2:45 pm.  Our dismissal schedule allows students time to return to base schools for afternoon athletic and extracurricular activities. 
    • Can I still participate in base school activities?
      • Yes!  Students are allowed to participate in base school activities.
    • Is there a spirit week?
      • Yes!  AAST’s Student Council sponsors a fall and spring spirit week. 
    • What about prom?
      • Proms happen at base schools and AAST students may participate in base school proms.  AAST’s Student Council currently sponsors two dances per year. A winter semi-formal and a spring gala.
    • What about graduation?  
      • Graduations are official ceremonies in which diplomas are awarded.  These occur at base schools. AAST traditionally holds a Senior Ceremony in which certification of completion of the student’s major coursework is honored.
    • What leadership and community service opportunities are available at AAST?
      • AAST maintains a wide variety of clubs and activities including Student Council, honor societies and career-specific associations.  All of these clubs and organizations have a leadership structure in which students are encouraged to participate.
    • Do I have to take "regular" academic classes as well as my major classes?
      • Yes.  AAST students take academic classes to meet the SC Graduation Requirements just as they would at their base schools.
    • What does AAST have to offer that my base school may not?
      • AAST offers concentrated study for students who are ready to focus their elective class choices into a Major.  
    • What languages are offered at AAST?
      • AAST offers Spanish on campus.  Other options are available online.
    • Is there a senior trip?
      • Yes.  Our Seniors have the opportunity to participate in a Senior Trip.
    • Can I attend pep rallies at my base school?
      • Yes. Base schools send buses to pick up students from AAST early on days that pep rallies are held so that students may return to the base school for these events.  Students who drive may sign out to attend their base school pep rallies.
    • Are internships available?  Are they mandatory?
      • Yes.  Internships are available and strongly encouraged as part of the completion of the Majors.
    • Can I bring my own computer?
      • Students use the district provided personal learning devices just like at base schools.  Many of our majors require specialized software, and in those cases, students have access to computers in the classroom with the software installed on computers with appropriate computing power to run these larger pieces of software.
    • What are some of the clubs available to me at AAST?


    Academy for Christ

    Anime Club

    BETA Club

    Coding Club

    Cyber Patriot

    Game Club


    Kohaku Publications Company


    Science Olympiad

    Rubik's Cube Club

    SAT/ACT Prep


    Student Council

    Technology Student Association

    Tree Huggers

    We the People


    International Thespians Society

    Mu Alpha Theta

    National Art Honor Society

    National English Honor Society

    National Honor Society

    National Foreign Language Honor Society

    National Technology Honor Society

    Rho Kappa National Social Studies Honor Society    

    Science National Honor Society


    • What are some of the student life activities available to me at AAST?



    College Application Day Foreign Language Day at Coastal Carolina

    Senior Day ET Film Festival/Parent Night

    Cyber Patriot Poetry Out Loud

    AAST Toy Drive Students in Action

    AAST Art Show Visions and Voices

    Talent Show Teacher Cadets

    NSHS Annual Plant Sale Beta Club Canned Food Drive

    Mu Alpha Theta Coat Drive Academy Santa

    We the People Competition Relay for Life

    Ed-OP Day Polar Plunge

    Advanced Art: Sidewalk Chalk Teddy Bear Clinic

    Trunk or Treat Composting

    Winter Formal Spring Gala

    Robotics HOSA Blood Drive

    Spirit Week Powder Puff Football

    STEM Experiences Art Competitions and Exhibitions

    Film Competitions and Exhibitions



    • What AP courses are offered at AAST?
      • AAST embraces the 21st Century STEM Skills and AdvancED STEM standards as part of its core curriculum.  The programs of study offer accelerated learning options which include: 

    AP Art Studio 2D & 3D & Drawing

    AP English Literature

    AP English Language

    AP Calculus AB

    AP Statistics

    AP Calculus BC

    AP Physics

    AP US Government

    AP Microeconomics

    AP Chemistry

    AP Biology

    AP Environmental Science

    AP US History

    AP European History

    AP Principles of Computer Science

    AP Psychology

    AP Capstone Seminar

    AP Capstone Research