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Koi Kast

  • Koi Kast 005

    by Anthony DeSimone Length: 18:27

    In the final Koi Kast of the school year Karen and Hailey reminisce about the good times they've had at AAST and Mr. DeSimone shares outtakes and bloopers from previous episodes.

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  • Koi Kast 004

    by Anthony DeSimone Length: 28:55

    In this episode, Hailey and Karen share what they wish they knew before starting Freshman year.  Have you noticed the new roads by the school? Are you taking part in the new wave of activism taking place online? The girls talk about traffic and taking a stand for what YOU believe in.  For the Media Center Moment, Mr. DeSimone encourages students to return or renew all school library books as well as check out a FREE summer audiobook service.  If you're wondering how you can stay busy during the summer, then tune into this episode for seven ways you can have a productive break. 

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  • Koi Kast 003

    by Anthony DeSimone Length: 23:27

    For our new Koi Kast episode, Hailey and Karen discuss their official college plans and what they wish they knew before senior year.  So much has happened in our world recently and so the topic of social media use is a hot one in this month's episode.  Mr. DeSimone and Mr. Easler share some new, exciting books in the Media Center and talk about their new piece of hardware, the GlowForge.  To wrap up our episode, the girls share some of their advice for making the last few months of school exciting. 

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  • Koi Kast 002

    by Anthony DeSimone Length: 26:43

    On this episode of Koi Kast, Hailey and Karen talk about scholarship resources as well as some of their college plans.  Mr. DeSimone and Mr. Easler discuss new books in the Media Center and some of their current reads.  If you're feeling academically burnt out, then listen to this episode for some advice on how to get through your slump. 

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  • Koi Kast 001

    by Anthony DeSimone Length: 24:43

    To kick off our new Koi Kast, Hailey and Karen discuss important deadlines for in-state college applications.  Mr. DeSimoneand Mr. Easler share about some of the new technology available in the Media Center.  The Las Vegas shooting took place on October 1, 2017, and Karen and Hailey discuss the question "how do you feel about the world you live in today?".  To wrap up the episode, your co-hosts share some Academy happenings for October and November.

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