• The learning commons is here for you!

    We want the shelves to be filled with books that you enjoy reading! We want the activities to enrich your life with education and creativity! We want to provide a safe space for every Black Water Middle School student!

    Book Genres: Adventure, Fantasy, Horror, Humor, Historical Fiction, Mystery, Realistic, Sci Fi, Sports, Graphic Novels

    Link to the Print Library Collection (must sign into your student Destiny account)

    Graphic with 'Audiobooks' on the left with an image of a girl with dark hair wearing headphones and 'ebooks' on the right

    Link to the Ebook Library Collection


    Open daily from 8 am-3:20 pm.
    You must sign in whenever you come into the library and be coming in for a reason. 
    Unless there is a special circumstance, students will return to class by the end of the period to collect items and be dismissed.


  • Book Check Outs
    Books are checked out for 3 weeks at a time. If you need a book for longer, contact Ms. Roberts or Ms. Ritchie to see if it can be renewed; this will be allowed if no one is waiting for the book. You can have 2 books checked out at a time.

    If your book becomes overdue, you have 45 days to turn it in until it automatically gets marked as lost and you will be assigned a fine in MyPaymentsPlus.
    You will be emailed weekly listing the books you have checked out with due dates so be sure to check your student Google emails! They will go out on Tuesdays at 10 am.

    Loop Hole- Ebooks and Audiobooks are NOT part of that count, so you could check those out even if you have 2 physical books checked out to the school.


  • Per the latest HCS Library Selection Policy update, BWMS has two books in the restricted access area of the library. Those books are Melissa by Alex Tino and Lily and Dunkin by  Donna Gephart. Parent permission forms are available upon request from Ms. Ritchie.   

    Link to the approved new titles from the 22-23 Advisory Club Meetings


    This year we started doing a monthly free book giveaway! Any student can enter. On the entry form, you must answer the question correctly, write your name legibly and circle the title that you would like to win! 

    We are thrilled to have been able to give away 20+ books over this school year.