• Dear AES Parents and Students,


    I hope you and your family are doing well and that your child has experienced success with completing assignments that were mailed last week.  I apologize for sending an additional message, but I have some important information regarding how we will be collecting assignments.  


    HCS recommends that parents use any electronic method available to submit completed student assignments to teachers. These completed assignments may be submitted to teachers as email attachments, photos, or uploads to Google Classroom.

    If you do not have an electronic means to submit assignments, you may submit the assignments at Aynor Elementary using the following arrangement:


    Beginning this Friday, March 27th, and every Friday thereafter until further notice, we will be available to collect your child’s completed work at school.  Two drop-off times have been established for your convenience. You may drop off your child’s completed work between 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. or 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.  The drop-off area is located on the bus loop and has been designed such that no person-to-person contact is necessary. Simply pull up to the drop-off area, place your child’s work in the box clearly labeled with the name of your child’s teacher, and drive off.  Please ensure your child’s name is clearly written on all assignments so that credit can be given for completed work. If your child has not completed all of the first two weeks of assignments, simply drop off what has been completed, keeping in mind you will need to return the rest of the completed work the following Friday.  Next week, your child will begin working on newly created assignments. Students in preschool through 2nd grade with devices and internet access will complete assignments posted on the HCS eLearning website.  Students in grades 3-5 with devices and internet access will complete assignments in their teacher’s Google Classroom.  Students in preschool through fifth grade who do not have devices or internet access will be mailed assignments every other week.  Assignments for the weeks of March 30 - April 3 and April 6 - April 10 will be mailed tomorrow and should arrive at your home in time for your child to begin work on Monday.  The work for April 10 is optional as this is Good Friday and the first day of spring break. Please make every effort to drop off your child’s work every Friday so your child can be credited for attendance that week.  Should circumstances prevent you from dropping off your child’s work, simply drop it off the following Friday. Please remember that your child’s teacher is available via email during the regular workday to provide support with questions regarding student assignments.  We are pleased that during this challenging time, our students can continue to receive and complete assignments and get credit for attendance. Thank you and have a good evening!


    W. Reggie Gasque

    Aynor Elementary School 

    Tel. # 843-488-7070

    Fax # 843-488-7071