• HCS Guidance and Counseling Services


    HCS school counselors realize what a stressful and uncertain time this is for the families of Horry County. We are all having to learn new ways of communicating and providing services to students. While the nature of the school counselor’s work is rooted in the relationships we establish with students and parents, please know that it is the strength of those relationships that will help us get through this strange and trying time, together.

    Like teachers, HCS school counselors are working hard to provide resources to students in a digital platform while we are away from our schools. We are attempting to provide as many of our normal services, and as much support to families as we would if we were in our buildings. As such, some of our counselors may be reaching out to students and parents by email, phone calls and virtual meeting invitations to schedule appointments and check in with our students. We may be contacting you by phone, recording and uploading video lessons, holding virtual meetings, emailing you scholarship information or working on your scheduling issues, all from afar, all electronically. However, please know, that if you need us anytime outside of our contact, just like when we are in school, we are here for you and available to serve you. Students and parents can always contact their school counselor by email. If you do not know your school counselor’s email address, you can access if from the staff contact tab of your school’s website.

    If you need to make contact with your child’s counselor and are unable to email them, you can also leave a message at your child’s school requesting a return call or contact from the school counselor. We know that the needs of each student and each family could be very different right now, and we are available to do what we can to help.

    HCS school counselors care deeply for your students and please know that it is our pleasure to serve you – whether it is in our buildings or in a virtual setting. Feel free to call on us whenever you need!