• Class of 2020

    We are excited to announce that our senior ceremony plans have been finalized and approved. The end of this year has not been what we expected or maybe even what we had hoped for, but that does not diminish the joy that we, the faculty and staff of AAST, share with your parents when we reflect on your accomplishments over the last 4 years.

    We know that each of you will be given the opportunity to graduate with your classmates at your base school. This culminating experience at your base school will surely be a special moment for you and your family. One of the hallmarks of AAST tradition is to hold a senior ceremony that honors students' completion of their major program of study. The faculty and staff of AAST want to offer our seniors the additional opportunity to be recognized for the hard work and accomplishments achieved while attending our school. We realize that this year’s celebration will look different than it has in the past, and some may choose not to participate this year, but we have been working hard to give you options that fit the needs of each family. 

    Seniors may choose to participate in one of the following ceremonies at which they will receive their certificates of completion from AAST: 

    1. a small group ceremony by major groups with 2 guests in attendance.  

    2. an individual ceremony allowing for up to 8 guests. This gives those students who cannot attend a small group gathering an option for a ceremony. 

    3. opt-out of attending a senior ceremony at AAST. 


    AAST will share a video tribute to the class of 2020 on the date and time of our originally scheduled senior ceremony, May 28th at 7:00. This tribute will include all of the student speeches and honor each senior by major. In addition, we hope to be able to host a senior gathering at some point in the future when it is safe to be together for yearbook signing, group photos, games, picnic, etc.

    The dates for the ceremonies will be Tuesday, May 26, Wednesday, May 27, and Thursday, May 28.  We will announce the dates and times for each major and individual appointment after we collect preferences from the class of 2020. 


    The small group ceremony will consist of an introduction from the principal, a pre-recorded video message from the group’s major teacher, a pre-recorded message from the selected major representative, and each student will be recognized and receive his or her certificate of completion. Students will be seated in the lower tier of the theatre in assigned seats. Guests will be seated in the upper tier of the theatre in pairs. Teachers will not be present for the ceremony. The dress code is business casual. Cap and gown and graduation regalia are reserved for graduation ceremonies at base schools. 


    The individual ceremony will have brief remarks from the principal, recognition of the student, and an opportunity for individual and family photos. Guests will be seated in the lower tier of the theatre near the stage. Teachers will not be present for the ceremony. The dress code is business casual. Cap and gown and graduation regalia are reserved for graduation ceremonies at base schools.

    Students attending any ceremony must abide by the guidelines described below.  These safety precautions are crucial in order to protect those in attendance as well as the volunteers who are helping to host.  

    • HCS In-Person Ceremony Health and Safety Guidelines must be followed (see attached).

    • Seniors and their families attending the ceremony will need to arrive in one vehicle.  Families will park in front of the building and should leave a space between each car. Security officers will be in the parking lot and in the building to assist with crowd control and to ensure social distancing. 

    • AAST staff assisting with events will wear masks to protect students and guests. We ask that students and guests also wear masks to protect others.  

    • Once inside the building, seniors and guests are greeted by a staff member who will direct them to enter through the community room door. Students and guests must remain at least 6 ft apart at all times.

    • Students and guests will be escorted to the theatre and directed to their assigned seats.  Persons in attendance will enter through the left side of the theatre. 

    • Students will promptly exit the building. There will be no loitering allowed due to CDC safety protocols.

    • Social distancing guidelines will be strictly enforced at all times and sanitation stations will be set up along the path for families. AAST staff will clean the theatre between each appointment.

    Please complete this form by the deadline of May 19th at 3:00. If the form is not completed by the deadline of Monday, May 19, 2020, at 3:00, we will not be able to accommodate an appointment for your celebration.


    Celebration Options for Senior Ceremony

    Your major teacher will be offering a class meeting in the next few days to discuss your senior ceremony options. I will be available to answer your questions at that time.
    Again, we are so proud of you, you are loved, and you will forever be a part of the koi family. 
    Kelly Wilson