• SJHS Program of Studies


    Students will receive advisement from their school counselor and current teachers to help them make appropriate course selections. Academic recommendations are from the student’s teachers in order to ensure appropriate course placement.

    Students should take seriously the selection of courses for the next school year and choose a course of study based on their individual goals and abilities.

    In addition to reviewing the South Carolina requirements for a high school diploma, students should also review the minimum requirements for admission to South Carolina public four-year colleges and universities as specified by the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education. These requirements are summarized in this Program of Studies, a detailed description can be found here: SC Commission on Higher Education

    Many colleges and universities are highly selective in their admissions. St. James High School students are encouraged to select a rigorous course of study and enroll in higher-level courses when appropriate. A rigorous senior year of study is an expectation of many colleges and employers. St. James High School seniors are encouraged to select challenging courses and to consider Advanced Placement (AP) and Dual Credit options, when appropriate.

    Although school counselors are available for academic advising, students and parents are responsible for making certain that the student’s academic plan meets the requirements of both the SC high school diploma and post-secondary school of choice.

    The courses that students select are used to determine teacher allocation and the development of the master schedule, therefore late changes to student course requests and/or schedules may not always be possible.

    Disclaimer: St. James High School makes every effort to ensure that the information in this program of study is informative and accurate. However, new statutes and regulations may impact, negate, or change the implementation of programs and/or courses described. This Program of Studies should in no way be seen as a contract, but as a guideline for students as they move through their high school years.