• To earn a high school diploma in the state of South Carolina, students must complete required coursework with a minimum of 24 units. See below for a breakdown of required courses. 

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    South Carolina Uniform Grading Policy

    All grades on report cards and transcripts in South Carolina’s public high schools are numerical. Letter grades correspond to numerical scores as outlined below:

    Letter Grade - Numerical Average

    A 90-100

    B 80-89

    C 70-79

    D 60-69

    F 0-59 

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    The conversion table below assigns quality points to each numerical grade depending on the grade earned and weight category assigned to the course taken. College Preparatory courses earn the base weighting. Honors courses earn one-half quality point more, and Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, and Dual-Credit classes earn a full quality point more. A student’s grade point average, class rank, and status as an honors graduate are determined based on this grade point conversion table

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    Academic Flowchart

    All students at St. James High School will complete a rigorous course of study in the core subject areas—English/ Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. Courses in these subject areas cover a variety of subject matter and are generally offered at both the College Preparatory and Honors levels. Advanced Placement course options are also available for several courses.

    The flowcharts below highlight the general course of study that students will follow while enrolled at St. James. Courses requiring a yearlong enrollment are denoted with an asterisk (*). Additional notes have been made where applicable Student placement in a particular level (i.e. College Prep., Honors, or AP) is determined utilizing school and district criteria and teacher recommendation. Parents/Guardians who disagree with the recommended course(s) must see the student’s guidance counselor for information on overriding the teacher recommendation.

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    Promotion Requirements

    South Carolina mandates the following requirements for student promotion through grades 9-12:

    Grade 9 to 10: The student will be eligible for promotion from grade 9 to 10 if he/she successfully completes five Carnegie units, including one in Mathematics and one in English/Language Arts.

    Grade 10 to 11: The student will be eligible for promotion from grade 10 to 11 if he/she successfully completes 11 Carnegie units, which includes a cumulative minimum of two units in Mathematics and two units in English/Language Arts.

    Grade 11 to 12: The student will be eligible for promotion from grade 11 to 12 if he/she successfully completes sixteen Carnegie units that meet the state requirements for graduation, including a cumulative minimum of three units in Mathematics, three in English/ Language Arts, two in Science, and two in Social Studies.